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    We do offer wide range of aircrafts

    from small turboprops to big-size business jets! 


Know us better


The Founder of Royal Jets, Sebastian Litwiński is one of the most experienced Managers in the European sector of private aviation. In 2008 he joined the team of HBC Aviation AG (Hawker Beechcraft Aircrafts) as a Sales Director.  Seven years later he became Regional Sales Director of Hondajet and introduced one of the most advanced and innovative aircrafts to the market. 

Working in the aviation sector and sales of luxury goods since 2005 has given Sebastian the ability to deal with high net worth clients. He had a keen interest in the aviation business and having determination and ambition leaded him to the success. 


Royal Jets has more than 10 years of experience in selling private jets, turboprop aircrafts and helicopters. The company offers unique services in business aviation worldwide. The Company cooperates closely with worldwide business partners so that it could meet the highest clients’ needs. 

It offers international expertise in aircraft business sector. Our competitive advantage is about building close relationships and create trustworthy environment. We are open - minded and action-oriented so that we could make strategic decisions.